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Audio Tour disguises itself as a conventional museum audio tour for Cincinnati’s Contemporary Arts Center. Visitors receive a media player, headphones, and an information card. But unlike a standard audio tour, Audio Tour ignores the exhibits on display. Instead, it addresses philosophical, historical, and universal ideas and information, framing the CAC in alternative ways.

By juxtaposing the story of the land on which the museum sits with its present-day appearance—its modern facilities, idiosyncrasies, employees, and other inner workings—the piece strives to aurally frame the museum in its specific time and place. Audio Tour seeks to synthesize the past, present, and future of the CAC.

Audio Tour- Introduction, Video Supplement for Audio Piece, 2:39, 2017

Audio Tour- Elevator Up, Video Supplement for Audio Piece, 1:39, 2017

Audio Tour- Drinking Fountain, Video Supplement for Audio Piece, 2:01, 2017

Audio Tour, Charging Station, 2017

Audio Tour- Security Guard, Video Supplement for Audio Piece, 1:31, 2017

Audio Tour- Medidation on the name Zaha, Video Supplement for Audio Piece, 3:01, 2017

AudioTour- Junebug, Video Supplement for Audio Piece, 1:40, 2017

Audio Tour, Museum Sign, 2017

To access the tour in its entirety visit:

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