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12 Phrases

12 Phrases, a musical composition comprised of twelve independent sections, combines two forms encompassed by naturally occurring patterns: the chromatic musical circle and the physical form of plants. By overlapping these visual elements, leaves, sticks, and flowers can suggest specific sonic frequencies within the Western scale, allowing each specimen to express its own musical composition. Though plants make vibrations out of range of the human ear, 12 Phrases envisions these produced sounds through meditative transitions, reflecting the slow movement of growth. Also recognizing that plants can sense vibrations, all specimens have been extracted within range of the gallery, allowing the compositions to be played back to the creatures from which they came.

12 Phrases, Audio Instillation (accompanying information card detail), 22 min. 2 sec., 2020

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12 Phrases, Audio Installation (audio excerpt), 22 min. 2 sec., 2020

12 Phrases, Audio Installation (instillation view at WavePool Gallery, Cincinnati, OH), 22 min. 2 sec., 2020

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